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How do special promotions work?Updated 8 months ago

Special Promotions Policy:

Objective: The objective of this promotion policy is to provide guidelines for special promotional offers delivered via SMS or email and to ensure fairness in the selection of orders.

1. Eligibility: a. Special promotions are available to all eligible customers who meet the specified criteria outlined in the promotion message. b. Only customers who have received the promotional offer directly through SMS or email are eligible.

2. Promotion Criteria: a. Each promotion will have specific criteria, such as order value, product selection, or time frame, outlined in the promotional message. b. Customers must meet the specified criteria to be eligible for the promotion.

3. Limited Availability: a. Special promotions have limited availability and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. b. Once the promotion reaches its maximum limit, it will no longer be available, even if the customer meets the criteria.

4. Order Selection: a. Receiving a promotional offer does not guarantee the selection of an order. b. Orders will be selected based on meeting the promotion criteria and availability.

5. Timeframe: a. Each promotion will have a specified timeframe during which customers can avail themselves of the offer. b. Any orders placed outside the designated timeframe will not be eligible for the promotion.

6. Communication: a. Customers will be notified of their eligibility and the status of their order via SMS or email. b. All communication will be clear and transparent regarding the promotion details.

7. Abuse Prevention: a. Any attempt to manipulate or abuse the promotion criteria will result in disqualification. b. The company reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate action against fraudulent activity.

8. Modification or Termination: a. The company reserves the right to modify or terminate any promotion at its discretion. b. Changes or terminations will be communicated to customers through appropriate channels.

9. Customer Support: a. Customers with inquiries or issues related to promotions can contact customer support for assistance. b. Customer support will provide clarification on promotion details and address any concerns.

10. Compliance: a. This policy complies with all relevant laws and regulations governing promotions and customer communications.

By participating in our special promotions, customers acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this policy.

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